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Big One top exchange CEO AMA transcript for INNBC listing

So have you heard the big news?

INNBC is going to be listed on top exchange BigOne!!!

We had BigOne exchange CEO Randolf GZ coming to our Telegram group ( for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Innovative Bioresearch CEO Jonathan Fior and to answer all the questions from our 15k users on the group!!!

Please Enjoy the Transcript

Wednesday, Mar 4th, 10AM CET

Jonathan: Hello everyone, today we have invited Reei Wang at BigONE Exchange for an AMA session. I will ask some questions and then you can ask yours. Let our guest introduce himself first.

Randolf: Hello everyone, I’m Randolf Zhao, VP Operations at BigONE Exchange. Thank you for having me here! It’s great I can share our thoughts with you. AMA means ‘ASK ME ANYTHING’. Honathan will ask me some questions first and then the audience will have the opportunity to ask any question they might have.

Jonathan: Thanks for the introduction. Let’s get started with the AMA, shall we? So I’m sure everyone here wants to know more about the BigONE Exchange, would you please tell us more about your exchange?

Reandolf: Sure! We are registered in Singapore with operations in Singapore, China and South Korea. We have a large user-base across East Asia, Southeast Asia, East Europe and see rapid growth in the Middle East. We are constantly ranked among top 30 exchanges in terms of trading volume by CoinMarketCap, and we have developed a series of wealth management products and mining products for our users.

So after the crackdown in 2017 the exchange rebranded itself to BigONE. We were the first exchange that listed ETH and EOS and brought global projects to China.

Today, with over $500 million daily volume, and 50k daily active users, we consistently rank among the top 30 exchanges on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and considered to be right after Huobi, OKex and Binance in China. Pretty much everyone in China's crypto space at least heard of us.

Jonathan: Thanks for the answer, the BigONE is truly a successful trading platform. What about your ONEListing Initiative? We were invited by you to join the Initiative and would you please introduce the concept?

Randofl: Sure. ONEListing is a "Pro Bono" listing initiative by BigONE to offer free-of-charge listing opportunities to projects that are truly community-driven and potentially world-changing.

Jonathan: Would you please also tell us why you chose us as part of the ONEListing Initiative?

Randolf: Sure. So as blockchain enthusiasts here at BigONE, it's never easy for us to witness the community-driven blockchain innovations die in their infancy due to the lack of funding while the market is dominated by profit-driven projects, such phenomena severely diminish the credibility of the industry and investors' confidence. ONEListing aims to become the cradle of community-driven projects and foster healthy growth for the global crypto community....

We receive dozens of ONEListing applications every day, and only around 5% will pass our preliminary screening and a further in-depth assessment will shortlist another 70%, only after two rounds of selection, the remaining projects can hear back from us. All these are to ensure only the high-quality projects are listed on our exchange in this initiative.

As for Innovative Bioresearch, it represents the core ideas of ONEListing: a community-driven and potentially world-changing project.

It is an honor for us to list and help such an cutting edge medical research project and contribute our efforts to better this world which is the very reason that drove us to create ONEListing.

Innovative Bioresearch took a unique path in terms of using blockchain technology, thus differs itself from the mainstream blockchain projects. It is unique due to the fact that it is one of a few projects which integrate blockchain with HIV & cancer research.

The founder of the company and its CSO, Jonathan impressed us with his background. Graduated from Università degli Studi di Milano, the top university in Italy, with a PhD in the field of virology, immunology, cancer and regeneration, and several publications about SupT1 Cell Infusion therapy, such as “Fior J. SupT1 Cell Infusion as a Possible Cell-Based Therapy for HIV: Results from a Pilot Study in Hu-PBMC BRGS Mice. Vaccines. 2016;4(2):13”. His academic credential and the passion he expressed during our meetings convinced us that he is capable of furthering our understanding of HIV & cancer, and may eventually lead us to a clinically accepted therapy.

So pretty much you rarely see a token project founder hailing from that kind of experience and background.

Jonathan: Thank you very much for the answers, we are all here like a big family that wants to make INNBC the next big thing in crypto, which will allow us have a strong impact in the biomedical research field of HIV and cancer research that only us and for the first time are bringing into the crypto space.

Randolf: It is our pleasure to have INNBC as well. In fact, I think it is blockchain/crypto space's pleasure to host such an impressive, meaningful and bold medical research project.

Questions from users (selected from the most relevat):

Do you work with fake volumes? Like bots?

Randolf: No we donìt do wash trades. But kindly note that real traders use bots a lot and we have a lot of high volume traders use bots throug our API

Is there a chance for INNBCL to be listed on BigOne exchange (note. this listing is for INNBC token)

Randolf: Absolutely. We evaluate each and every ONEListing application carefully. So if the listing of INNBC proven to be a success and we see Jonathan apply for another ONEListing, we will definetely consider with high preference.

Any special thing that make you decide to choose INNBC for listing given the current crysis in the market?

Randolf: I think this has been answered above in length. Basically put, we found the background, experience and approach of Jonanthan really impressive.

In fact, it is kinda the cold reality in the industry these days that projects with real dreams got stuck. And ONElisting exists to make a difference, exactly for this kind of situation. We hope to let promising, interesting and meaningful projects like this to get reborn.

Author note. In those times of pandemics like Coronavirus, it really is vital to bring scientific research into the cryptospace, where decentralization can really help develop innovative solutions to address such global health issues. We are the first and only project with actual peer reviewed scientific publications on pubmed bringing biomedical research to the blockcchain with our INNBC and INNBCL crypto assets to develop novel AIDS and cancer therapies.

Fior J. An Initial In Vitro Investigation into the Potential Therapeutic Use of SupT1 Cells to Prevent AIDS in HIV-Seropositive Individuals. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(5):e37511.

Fior J. Is a pacific coexistence between virus and host the unexploited path that may lead to an HIV functional cure? Viruses. 2013;5(2):753-7.

Fior J. Salamander regeneration as a model for developing novel regenerative and anticancer therapies. J Cancer. 2014;5(8):715-9.

Fior J. SupT1 Cell Infusion as a Possible Cell-Based Therapy for HIV: Results from a Pilot Study in Hu-PBMC BRGS Mice. Vaccines. 2016;4(2):13.

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