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CZ Retweeted us, we Celebrate with a New Defi Airdrop

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This is a very special day for INNBC project. Recently, CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO of the world industry leader crypto exchnage Binance recognized our work and retweeted us from his official account (; this filled our hearts with pride and joy, as it means all our hard work, efforts and dedidication to build the first defi project based on biomedical research on BinanceSmartChain did not go unnoticed!

In order to celebrate CZ's reteweet, we decided to issue a new INNBC defi airdrop event for TWT token holders (rules are simple, hold at least 3TWT during the time of the snapshot) and we want to go into more detail explaining what a defi airdrop is, as we are pioonering the concept.

A defi airdrop is a distribution where we keep track of all the wallets and anazlyze the behaviour of the participants, rewarding positive behaviours such as:

1. Provididing liquidity

2. Buying more and providing price growth

3. Holding

At the same time, we also recognize those that are neutral or negative behaviours such as just "dumping" the token on the market, and this reflects on the next distributions that will reward the positive players. For example, as a general rule during an airdrop event (such as the recent airdrop to TWT holders) we only reward users once (so please do not try to receive more rewards by using different wallets because we keep track of all those), but liquidity providers, buyers and holders get a further reward. This way we build a healthy and supportive community that has the goal of working together to support the development of INNBC and its biomedical research developing vaccines for HIV, cancer and COVID. And given that we are research scientists, we are analyzing all this data and plan to be the first researchers to publish a behaviour analysis study using the blockchain as a tool to sample such data.

So play fair and you will contribute not just to your personal benefit but also for the good of mankind!


Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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