How to Swap #INNBCL if you Still Have the Old Coin

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Dear INNBC\L community,

We completed the first round of #INNBCL token swap up to trillion token holders for the old #INNBCL token. If you still haven't got the new INNBCL token swap yet, given the outrageously increasing gas costs of the etherum network and the thousands wallets we need to serve, we ask you to support the swap by following this procedure.

1)Please send 0.05 eth to our official wallet address: 0xB8EB02A17a3eB5cE4F8249553d8C17B406036AaD

2)We will check and swap the tokens automatically to the wallet sending us the funds

The value will be added to your balance. That is, you will receive 0.05eth worth of additional INNBCL tokens.

In case of any issue, please feel free to reach us at our official email

Thank you for your support!


Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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