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INNBC defi Airdrop Saga Continues...

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

New awesome chapter in the defi INNBC airdrop saga today!

1. Pancake Swap users are rewarded with a mega INNBC airdrops for approximately 1800 CAKE top holders according to BSC scan. Please add INNBC BEP20 contract address (0xdf1f0026374d4bcc490be5e316963cf6df2fff19) to see if you got the reward.

2. All ERC20 INNBC holders holding the token on an external wallet shown on etherscan are rewarded with the second round of this airdrop event.

If you need instructions how to add BSC network to Metamask you can follow this previous guide.

Update. We decided to use this post the next upcoming rewards, so please keep following it for more contest news!

3. We ran a new airdrop for BakerySwap users holding BAKE token. Around top 800 holders were rewarded with INNBC.

4. Forth round of INNBC aidrop was issed to the top 762 BURGER token holders.

5. Fifth round of INNBC airdrop for ERC20 INNBCL token holders.


Happy Halloween!

New airdrop round to reward BSCswap farmers. Specifically, who farmed DEGEN with the liquidity provided on DegenSwap get the reward (farmer list curtesy of BSCswap).

New airdrop round to TWT token holders, 300 selected top holders get the reward.

5 November 2020

New airdrop to INJ (Injective Protocol) holders, 400 selected top holders received the reward.

New airdrop to TWT holders, 415 selected top holders received the reward.

6 November 2020

After we heard about the PancakeSwap bug exploit, which caused to many of their users great losses, we decided to do out part and issued one of the largest #INNBC #defi airdrops for #CAKE holders, with more than 1600 selected users receiving the airdrop.


Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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