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INNBC expands to Binance Smart Chain to build the next generation Innovative Bioresearch defi DAPPs

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We research scientists are here to experiment and innovate, and when we see something like Binance Smart Chain, the awesome new blockchain platform developed by Binance, we must embrace innovation, and build on the new tech. The unscalability of the Etherum blockchain caused a sustanined and dramatic increase of gas fees, seriously hampering the development of crypto projects and negatively affecting user adoption, thereby calling for a better tech to be implemented. It is therefore with great interest that we observed the release of Binance Smart Chain, which we can define as a better implementation of the Etherum blockchain. Sure, ETH 2.0 aims to address the scalability issues, but it is unclear when it will be launched and in any competitive business there are instances where you simply cannot afford to wait when a better tech is available, or you run the risk of becoming obsolete. Accordingly, instead of waiting for ETH 2.0, we decided to embrace innovation now, and started experimenting and build our software on BSC. One of the greatest things about BSC is that coding is basically the same as Etherum and you can use the same familiar tools with just a couple tweaks.

First, we issued a BEP20 version of INNBC (InnovativeBioresearchCoin) on Binance Smart Chain:

Adding BSC and INNBC BEP20 to Metamask is very simple and straightforward, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the drop down menu (circle icon on the top right), go to "Setting", "Networks", then "Add Network".

  2. Enter the following custom network details:

  • Network name: Binance Smart Chain

  • RPC URL: (offiicial BSC RPC url list)

  • ChainID: 56

  • Symbol: BNB

  • Block Explorer:

EDIT: A new metamask update for Firefiox now requires you to use exadecimal format and use "0x38" ChainID.

Then click on "save", and you can find and select the new BSC network

Now you can add INNBC BEP20 token

  • Click on the "ADD TOKEN" button.

  • Select "Custom Token" tab.

  • Paste the INNBC contract address: 0xdf1f0026374d4bcc490be5e316963cf6df2fff19

  • Click the "NEXT" button.

  • Click the "ADD TOKENS" button.

  • You are done.

The goal of the BEP20 asset is to be a governance token in the ecosystem of the next generation of defi DAPP that we are going to to build on BSC; we plan to connect and bridge the ERC20 asset that should also benefit substantally from it in terms of increased value, and we aim for a target value of 1$ for the BEP20 INNBC, for which we want to build a strong and large userbase on BSC.

Accordingly, we deployed a defi INNBC distribution contract on BSC ( and started a series of what can be defined as "defi airdrop events" that will reward the most active users who actively trade and provide liquidity on various DEX DAPPs built on BSC.

1. First round of defi airdrop events was issued to BurgerSwap users, you can find the airdrop TX here:

2. Second round of defi airdrop events was issued to AnySwap users, you can find the airdrop TX here:

3. Next round of defi airdrop events is planned to reward PancakeSwap users and will start in the upcoming days, so stay tuned and follow us for news.

Just, how awesome is to build on BSC? Please have a look:

It's so fast and low fee that it really feels as in the early Etherum days, when you could count on ETH for having very cheap transactions in comparison to fiat. This is why we choose BSC for development, and we aim to build the next generation of defi INNBC products brining HIV and cancer cure research to Binance Smart Chain and use this amazing decentralized tool to disrupt pharma.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming events!


Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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