INNBC listed on Binance DEX brings #defi for biomedical research

Dear Innovative Bioresearch community,

This is a day to remember. After some successful test net implementations, we can now drop the bomb; #INNBC has just been integrated on Binance DEX!

For the first time, biomedical research reaches a Binance platform. What does it mean for current INNBC holders, the #crypto #defi industry, and #scientific research?

First off, let's clarify that #INNBC on Binance DEX is a very limited edition run of #INNBC, with just 1,000,000 max total supply and as such it represents a special edition token with respect to the main ERC20 #INNBC token. This means that it will have its own token economy with respect to price given that it is running on a different blockchain and with a much reduced supply ratio.

The new asset is visible on Binance chain explorer here:

Trading of the new asset is already live and can be reached at this link:

Please follow this tutorial to create a wallet for holding #INNBC BEP8 on Binance dex:

The ERC20 and BEP8 assets will therefore coexist pacifically in our ecosystem and we will run some special cross chain events (e.g., airdrops), where holding ERC20 INNBC will make you eligible to receive BEP8 INNBC rewards.

We want to redefine the concept of #defi expanding it in the field of biomedical research. In our vision, who own #INNBC also own a piece of our research; given that #INNBC is accepted as a means of payment to access the #HIV cure and any treatment we develop, by owning #INNBC you also own access to the cure. In contrast with other #defi tokens that only have a digital product but often don't even have an actual product, we have actual pharmacologic products in development that will generate revenue, with a market that will fuel the #defi model, allowing users who initially funded the #HIV cure development to benefit from the revenue generated by the cure, given that they own access to our pharmacologic products.

But in addition to normal users, patients will also benefit from the profits generated by the cure. For the first time, patients will earn from a medical treatment with #defi. We will run specific #defi programs for patients using a Smart Contract where those who are administered the treatment will provide their data, which will allow us to easily perform follow-up studies to monitor the progress of the treatment, further improving its efficacy. To reward their effort, they will receive #INNBC stacking.

The BEP8 #INNBC token will support the development of SupT1 cell infusion therapy, our novel #HIV cure, which produced promising results from animal testing ( and we aim to move to clinical trials after approval for human testing. It will therefore retain the same utility of the ERC20 token, being used as a means of payment to access our products.

We have been the first to use #crypto and #defi for a vital purpose such as supporting biomedical research. We are here to give #crypto a nobel and real purpose for our society, that goes largely beyond the general speculation model used by most projects and effectively produces a return for our society in terms of addressing global health issues such as #HIV, #cancer, and recently #COVID.

We thank you for your support and strongly believe that Binance DEX represents an incredibly valuable addition to the project. Day after day, we build and keep building.


Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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