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INNBC sponsoring production of high quality youtube series!

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

INNBC is growing rapidly and we now are intrducing a series of side products aiming to expand the #INNBC brand toward the mainstream audicence, as well as expanding the token economy and utility!

INNBC is now officially supporting the production of high quality #youtube content such as "SLYLINE GARAGE", an Italian series about the JDM car tuning scene sponsored by INNBC that will adversise the token toward the mainstream audience of car enthusiasts.

The #INNBC logo will appear in the series as official sponsor and will expand the INNBC brand, growing the #INNBC token ecosystem with more network activity.

For the occasion, two new episodes of Skyline Garage have been relesed:

By supporting the production of real life products #INNBC confirms itself as a token aimed toward building real world utility over speculative bubbles.

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