INNBC Token Swap

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

We are very excited to announce an imminent upgrade for the INNBC Token, which will introduce several new features, overcoming the limitations of the previous smart contract, which was holding back our bounty/airdrop distribution among other things.

We will update this post with all the information about the new ERC20 contract; a few details about the swap first:

-Bitcointalk Bounty Tokens will be distributed immediately upon deployment of the new ERC20 contract.

-IDEX Token holders will be airdropped their new INNBC Tokens directly into their idex accounts shortly after deployment of the new ERC20 contract, to make the swap as much user friendly as possible.

The new ERC20 Token contract will have the same name and symbol of the old one, but will have upgraded technical features.

Please follow this post as more details will be posted as we proceed with the swap.

Update n.1

The new INNBC Token contract has been deployed. This is the official new address of the INNBC Token (0x9C9D97529ECaB908e0EE9F7Ee26F58F127048b8D), which replaced the old Token contract (0x85558055812f19eb084b8ba327470e84ad795b11).

Update n.2

We finished the Token distribution for the Bitcointalk bounty campaign.

Update n.3

We finished the IDEX airdrop, so all IDEX token holders got their new Token.

Update n.4

We finished the airdrop to all Token holders of the previous token according to the data on Etherscan.

Update .5

Trading for INNBC is live on IDEX again

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