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INNBC TOKEN SWAP - All You Need To Know

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Dear INNBC community members, due to constant expanding of our project, which is becoming more established and recognized day after day, we are in for a needed swap that will be required to further enhance our INNBC crypto and bring it to the next level.

1)We upgraded the smart contract adding new features, one of which is a very handy "burn" function, which will allow us to effectively burn tokens; instead of just sending tokens to a burn address, we can now effectively burn them and they will be removed from the total supply value shown on etherscan.

What this means is, we can now buyback tokens from the market, and effectively remove them from the total supply! Isn't this amazing?

The burn function will clearly only work for the wallet calling such function - that is, you can only burn tokens present in your own wallet.

2)Given that we really believe in the token value, which is now supported by a large userbase and listed in several great exchanges such as Mercatox, Crex24, and most notably BigOne, we want to also reduce supply to further increase token value. In addition, after swap there will be another round of important listings that will add even more value to INNBC. In fact, right after swap, there will be another prestigious listing that we won't reveal now. But trust us, it's gonna be real good!

This is the new upgraded INNBC token contract in case you already want to have a look at what's coming ;)

Now, let's focus on what users need to know and how they need to prepare themselves for the swap.

If you are holding INNBC on a crypto exchange, please see the following instructions depending on which exchange you are holding your funds;

•BigOne ( - if you are holding INNBC on BigOne, there is nothing you need to do as the token will be swapped automatically directly by the exchange. Users are encouraged to register an account on BigOne and deposit their tokens there.

•Crex24 ( ) - if you are holding INNBC on Crex24, there is nothing you need to do as the token will be swapped automatically directly by the exchange.

•Any other exchange - (e.g., Mercatox, Etherflyer) if you are holding INNBC on any other exchange, you need to withdraw your funds to your personal wallet, as they are not swapped automatically by the exchange. Please do so in a timely manner (ideally before April 22) or you risk to not receive the swapped coin.

•Personal wallet - if you are holding INNBC on your personal wallet (e.g., Myetherwallet, TrustWallet), no further action is required by you. We will take a snapshot of the blockchain and automatically issue the new token to your personal wallet.

Note. If you received INNBC as an airdrop bonus, you are required to perform an additional procedure to swap the token;

1)Register account on @BigONEexchange

2)Purchase at least 10$ worth of #INNBC to help support swap

3)Provide us with a screen of your order history

4)You'll be swapped the new Token

We anticipate to complete swap by the end of next week. We will keep updating this page as we proceed with the swap operations.

We thank you for your cooperation, love and support!

Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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