Updated: Feb 7, 2019

On January 2019, we upgraded the Token contract in anticipation of the release of our revolutionary "You're not alone" app planned this year, while at the same time we felt the need, listening to our community feedback, to support different markets. So we performed a Token Swap/Fork and created twoo new upgraded Tokens; INNBC (InnovativeBioresearchCoin, and INNBCL (InnovativeBioresearchClassic, INNBC is a Token intended to support those markets with a more restricted trading price range, while INNBCL will be listed in those more aggressive and speculative markets allowing a wider trading price range. INNBC and INNBCL will be both supported in our upcoming "You're not alone" app, although INNBCL token holders may be elegible for higher rewards due to the different nature of the supported markets.

Token swap peocedure is completely automatic and users are not required to perform any particular action, thanks to the cooperation of the Mercatox and IDEX exchanges.

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