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INNBCL SWAP - It Finally Arrived

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Dear #INNBCL community,

After a very succesfull swap for our sister coin #INNBC, which shoot it to the moon turning it into a real gem, it's now the turn for #INNBCL to be reborned making it a whole new product, brining it to the high quality standard our community deserve.

So first, we upgraded the #INNBCL smart contract adding the updated functions we recently introduced with the new #INNBC contract; for instance, a function to burn tokens effectively removing them from the total supply on etherscan, instead of just sending tokens to a burn address.

Next, we reduced the total supply as we really believe in the token value, which is now supported by a very large userbase. This is the new official upgraded #INNBCL token contract to have a first look at what's coming ;)

Now, the more delicate part as we will detail here how the swap will take place, to ensure a smooth transition to the new upgraded token.

Therefore, let's focus on what users need to know and how they need to prepare themselves for the swap.

If you are holding INNBC on a crypto exchange, please see the following instructions depending on which exchange you are holding your funds;

•Crex24 ( ). We have a very good news for CREX24 users. Crex24 exchange swap support is simply awesome, and users are not required to do any particular task as their funds will be swapped automatically. Crex24 users will get a lower swap ratio than IDEX users to ensure a fair transition as the lowest buying price on Crex24 exchange was considerably higher than that allowed by IDEX exchange, which allows an unlimited number of decimals on the platform.

•IDEX ( IDEX does not provide direct support for token swaps, so please withdraw your funds to allow us taking a snapshot of the blockchain and check your balance, to swap you the new token. We also ask IDEX users to provide us with screenshots and data of their trading history as we will make some case by case adjustments to compensate the previous price drops given by the unlimited number of decimals allowed of the IDEX platform. Another issue users are facing with IDEX is the impossibility to withdraw funds due to an error message saying "Minimum withdrawal of 0.04ETH required". Please provide us with screenshots and data of your balance including the TX of your transfert to the exchange for us to swap you the new token. Also hammering IDEX help support to ask them to provide us with a snapshot of INNBCL user wallets may help us speed up the process.

•Personal wallet - we automatically swapped INNBCL holdings on your personal wallets (e.g., Myetherwallet, TrustWallet) up to trillion coin holdings; due to the outrageously increasing gas prices of the etherum network, however, we were forced to ask a contribution to complete the swap for the remaining users. As such, if you still have not been swapped, please follow this procedure:

1)Please send 0.01 eth to our official wallet address: 0xB8EB02A17a3eB5cE4F8249553d8C17B406036AaD

2)We will check and swap the tokens automatically to the wallet sending us the funds

The value will be added to your balance. That is, you will receive 0.01eth worth of additional INNBCL tokens.

In case of any issue, please feel free to reach us at our official email

We thank you for your cooperation, love and support!

Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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