As anticipated, we have been working on upcoming #defi product which, after we launched our Ebay store where you can use #INNBC to buy electronic items such as hardware wallets, phones and related accessories, plus much more items soon, will seriously add to the token value. In fact, not only #INNBC is developing novel and very valuable biomedical research for #HIV, #cancer and #COVID ( but we also are launching

some phenomenal #defi products:

1)"EARN". The first #defi product will allow you to earn stacking bonuses that instead of being issued in #INNBC will be issued in USDT. The bonus rate will start from 6% annual rates for holding 500$ woth of #INNBC up to 20% for holding over $2000 worth of #INNBC. Bonuses will be distributed every 6 months during a 12 month old holding cycle.

If there is high demand, we will also discuss the option to offer bonuses starting from lower holdings than 500$ worth #INNBC as a starting point.

2)"SECURE". The second #INNBC #defi product will be limited to a closed number of users who commit to a monthly purchase and will hold their tokens for longer periods. We will offer a price protection mechanism where more tokens are issued to your wallet in the event that price goes down, so your balance will stay the same. When the price goes up you will have the option to sell 5% of your holdings throught our smart bot that can sell the tokens without causing price dump.

With this option you can have peace of mind with respect to your holdings as we will take care of ensuring your balance stays intact regardless of market price, and when market goes up you can also take advantage of our smart bot to eventually liquidate 5% of your holdings to cash out without causing price dump on the market.

We believe our #defi products are one of the best offers in the current market and add substantial value to #INNBC.

Please keep supporting us and you will see more and more amazing things coming from us!


Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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