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We are here to change the history of crypto with #INNBC

We want to bring #crypto to support scientific research, we want #crypto to become mainstream, and we want to bring mass adoption of #crypto.

For the former, we are already doing that as #INNBC is the first token issued by a biotech company developing novel vaccines for #HIV, #cancer, #COVID. For the latter,

we always aimed at having #INNBC used as a means of payment to buy actual physical goods. Just as you do with fiat. Locally, in Italy, we alredy have a number of physical stores accepting it, including one of the largest construction companies in Messina, Italy, directly allowing to buy any material and services to build or restructuring your house (we released a youtube video on this However, e-commerce is the soul of mass adoption, and we want to reach international customers as our users are all over the world. There comes the idea of opening an official INNBC Ebay store, where you will not just be able to buy #INNBC but also use it to buy various products ranging from electronic products at first, to various items you can find on online stores. We started with hardware wallets and wireless chargers for smartphones, but we will soon add products like Apple/Samsung/Nokia smart phones at great prices and many more interesting stuff you will want to buy with your #INNBC.

Because unlike other coins that are just gimmicks you can only sell on exchanges, #INNBC wants to provide a better use case than just trading. We want to provide you with the most straightforward utility that can make #crypto pretty much like fiat; using it to buy stuff!

So there you have it. Buy #INNBC, use #INNBC to buy stuff online, and join us with the #crypto revolution!


Innovative Bioresearch Team.

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