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Innovative Bioresearch launches "InnovativeBioresearchSwap", a next evolution DeFi exchange on BSC

Alright so we promised you by the end of this month, January 2021, we were going to release our first, long awaited Dapp. We are so glad to announce we were able to keep our promises, and released what we believe is, among other things, the most beautifully designed #decentralized #defi #exchange on #BinanceSmartChain; say welcome to #InnovativeBioresearchSwap!

#InnovativeBioresearchSwap aims to be the best AMM (automate market maker) solution for #BinanceSmartChain. For that, we built a very advanced interface that will allow you to connect with the most liquid markets on #BSC, with many advanced options that traders will love.

We will also release an #INNBC farm where you will be able to farm the token, and we will introduce liquidity pools for other projects. We also plan to introduce IFO (Initial Farm Offering), #NTFs, #gaming #defi applications, all on top of the science applications!

Because we believe that it is important to appeal to traditional users building a strong userbase that will then also contribute to scientific development. Here, you would not just be farming a token, but actively contributing to “farming” actual drugs and therapies for diseases such as HIV, cancer and COVID. Because just by simply using our Dapps, you would be actively contributing to supporting our vaccine research.

Isn’t this amazing?

This is something unprecedented in DEFI and crypto! We call this “DEFI science”.

Now, you may wonder if biomedical research is something important, but if you just take a look around you given the ongoing dramatic situation with the COVID pandemics you will realize that vaccine development is one of the greatest priorities for our society.

This is why we really need to bring science on crypto, as crypto has the potential to disrupt pharma with its decentralized nature. And for that, on one side we need the scientific community to start using blockchain applications and crypto to decentralize the research. So we need to convince them that blockchain and crypto can solve the issues they are facing. Such as recording biomedical data and tracking the generation of the data during the different stages of research, which is what we building for our upcoming science Dapp. But on the other hand, we need to convince crypto users to get into science. Because one of the strengths of blockchain is decentralization and thus we need to get the community involved and cooperating together for the good of mankind.

We could really push crypto mass adoption with #DeFiScience!

Another important feature of #InnovaitveBioresearchSwap is that the team is not anonymous. Going against the general trend of such projects that are often lead by anonymous teams, we offer a totally transparent project, where you deal with people with actual names and jobs, instead of anonymous "chefs".

But there's more!

Another activity we plan to introduce are some listing and promoting events (totally free) to help all the projects getting more exposure on Binance Smart Chain and help make them grow. We noticed that many top AMM projects are very aggressive toward other projects often negating listing and support, maybe because they feel them as competition, but here at Innovative Bioresearch we believe in cooperation and that we can all work together to build a stronger binance smart chain, and we want to offer a very friendly place for them to build and grow.

Right after we launch #InnovativeBioresearchSwap, we will start the listing activity with a very interesting project, with an amazing community, so please stay tuned!

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