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Innovative Bioresearch Launches the First Decentralized Database DApp for Biomedical Data

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

This is a very important day at Innovative Bioresearch. Since we started this project, one of the most important goals was to bring decentralization to biomedical research. In fact, there are some specific features of blockchain technology that are very useful for scientific research.

•Immutability. Scientific data need to be immutable. Once a study is peer reviewed and published, its data must be permanently stored and never altered. In the blockchain, all data is stored in every single node, never ceasing to exist, and always staying on the blockchain. It is immutability that gives the blockchain its openness and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance).

•Decentralization. The blockchain is designed to be distributed and synchronized across networks, making data freely available to anyone. We believe that scientific data should be shared and not being hidden behind a firewall.

•Security. The kind of transactions that can be performed are strictly defined in advance and stored in the blockchain as “smart contracts”; this prevents fraudulent data from being added to the blockchain thus ensuring integrity of the database. By contrast, it would be much easier to compromise a centralized database.

•Proof of Authorship. Say you make an important discovery and want an undeniable proof that you are the person who made the discovery. If you want to defend your work and claim in court to be the author, you must be able to prove it. This evidence can be difficult to provide. However, if you record the data to the blockchain with information such as a detailed description of your work, along with the name of the author, the timestamp can then prove that the data was generated at a certain point in time and has not been changed since. Such data recorded on the blockchain can legally represent an unambiguous reference to the author.

One of the most important features of the DApp is that all the data is stored 100% on chain. That is, a true decentralized storage solution. Scientific publications include text and images, but they could also include audio, video and other file formats. This is why we needed a solution capable of storing any data on chain. This is possible if the data is stored smartly and trying to make file size as smaller as possible.

What this means is that our Dapp really has an incredibly wide range of applications in many different fields in addition to science. Below just a few examples;

•Application for Commercial Activities

Timestamping will allow you to record any relevant event for your business. Say for instance that you sold a product to a customer; you can record the event to the blockchain and include the tx as a QR code on the product itself as a proof of product authenticity and to keep track of the item.

•Application for Entertainment, Art and Software Development industries.

Identity and Timestamping will protect the intellectual property of your work, providing you with proof of authorship. This is important for a large number of fields. For instance, it would work perfectly well for NFTs where you could store your digital images on chain adding author information, instead than being stored on a centralized server as it currently happens. You could store a lower resolution version of the image or you could store it in different chunks in case of very large images.

•Application for Decentralized Messaging, News Releases, and Social Networking

Decentralization and Immutability provide a censorship resistant environment for posting content unlike traditional centralized platforms that can be controlled by the issuer (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) limiting your access to the platform, whereas this control does not exist in a decentralized platform.

We build this application on Binance Smart Chain initially due to lower gas fees, and we plant to launch an Etherum version as well once ETH 2.0 or better scaling solutions are adopted.

Now, why don't you try it yourself?

Just a note. This first version of the DApp is still not optimized for mobile so we highly suggest using it from desktop. All you need is a brower with Metamask installed and some balance in BNB to pay for the transaction.

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