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We Launched INNBC Swap Dex, our decentralized exchange featuring Uniswap V3 liquidity pools

This is a day to remember for #INNBC community, as we are glad to accounce that we have just released our anticipated decentralized exchange, INNBC Swap Dex. INNBC Swap Dex is our new killer DApp, featuring not just a dex but an aggregator as well, integrating Uniswap V3 liquidity pools, allowing to trade #INNBC and all your favorite #ERC20 tokens with the best available liquidity.

INNBC Swap Dex features Uniswap V3 liquidity pool features like adding liquidity at specific price ranges, allowing users to avoid being runned over by trades as LPs will stay whithin specific price ranges and will not be dispersed among the whole range from 0 to infinity.

This is an incredibly cool feture that brings the concept of traditional sell orders on centralized exchanges to the world of decentralized exchanges. The DApp is already live, and accessible at this link:

We also released a full guide how to use the dex and add liquidity.

This DApp was created because we want our users to experience maximum freedom in a trustless and permissionaless environment, with an in house platform where you can confidently swap #INNBC taking advantage of all the wonderful decentralized features of #DeFi, aimimg to become central to the #INNBC ecosystem.

You can find here our terms of service and disclaimer for using the INNBC Swap Dex DApp interface.


Innovative Bioresarch Ltd team

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