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INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH Launched INNBC Token Sale to Develop a Low Cost AIDS Cure, a Decentralized Database for Clinical Data, and the First Token Backed by the Value of JDM Cars

MILAN, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH, a biotech company performing novel HIV, cancer and regeneration research, launched on May 1, 2018, the pre-sale of INNBC Tokens to develop a low cost cell-based therapy for HIV, a revolutionary blockchain app for biomedical research named "You're not alone" and a Token backed by the value of actual physical goods. INNBC Token sale is something unique among current ICO offerings.

  • First ICO launched by a Biotech company for funding a low cost AIDS cure solution to allow access to the treatment where access to traditional costly HIV antiretroviral treatment is hampered by social and/or economic limitations. "Because although we are a for profit company, we also have a conscience".

  • Creation of the first decentralized database for storing and processing clinical data, with an application designed by a research scientist to ease the process of performing biomedical research. The blockchain provides some specific features that make it an ideal technology for scientific data, such as immutability (to form a permanent record), decentralization (to be publicly shared), and high security (smart contracts are almost impossible to compromise).

  • The "You're not alone" app will provide a social platform for HIV seropositive people to follow the research, discuss it, and find information and support about their condition. "We hope to create a large community where HIV seropositive people can stand together and not feel alone in their battle against AIDS". As an incentive, INNBC Tokens will be rewarded to members who make particularly useful contributions; furthermore, INNBC Tokens will also give access to moderation roles, allowing to earn from in-app ads.

  • The INNBC Token will be spendable to buy wonderful iconic JDM cars such as Nissan Skylines, Toyota Supras, Subaru Imprezas and Mitsubishi Evolutions from the INNBC JDM ONLINE GARAGE that will be launched right after the Token sale, offering amazing deals and worldwide shipping. "We wanted to protect INNBC Token holders from the highly speculative nature of trading prices on crypto exchanges by having our Token backed by the value of actual physical goods; these classic JDM cars are true collector items and as such they are only going up in value".


INNBC Token pre-sale, starting May 1, 2018. 20% discount at pre-sale. Get more info at

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