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ARCHOS partners with INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH to promote its ARCHOS Safe-T mini towards crypto-enthusiasts while taking part to the development of medicinal research through the blockchain

Paris / London – Monday, July 9th 2018 – ARCHOS, the French pioneer of consumer electronics, announces today a partnership with INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH, a biotech company bringing innovation to the field of cancer, HIV and regeneration research.


INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH is building up an application based upon the blockchain technology. It consists in a decentralized database for clinical data and in a social platform for the HIV seropositive community. It allows clinicians and patients from all over the world to share and access consolidated clinical information in order to start direct trials and treatments faster.


To finance the needed development of this revolutionary platform, INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH successfully ended the pre-sale of their INNBC Tokens, with INNBC valued 1€, and a very successful airdrop.


“With our Safe T mini, we offer a superior level of security to all ICOs investors We are very proud to partner with Jonathan Fior and the INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH’ team. We are fully confident the blockchain technology is a key contributor in the healthcare industry”, declares Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS.


Under the terms of their agreement, ARCHOS is pursuing the promotion of the Safe Mini T, its cold storage hardware wallet delivering the highest security level to keep crypto assets safe offline. INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH will organize a selling event via its 99,000 Telegram groups where users will be able to register and get a voucher to buy the ARCHOS Safe-T mini. For each sale, 3€ will be devoted by ARCHOS to INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH’ ICO.


“Our test of the ARCHOS Safe-T mini has been very positive. We are happy to offer a special bonus to our community: the first 10,000 people purchasing their ARCHOS Safe-T mini with our voucher will receive 39 INNBC tokens, valued 39€, from INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH”, adds Jonathan Fior, Founder and CEO of INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH.



ARCHOS, a pioneer in consumer electronics, continues to innovate and revolutionize the consumer electronics market. Among others, the French manufacturer was first with an HDD MP3 player in 2000, a multimedia player in 2003, Google Android powered tablets in 2009, a connected Smart Home in 2014 and PicoWAN, the first collaborative network dedicated to the IoT, in 2016. Today, ARCHOS designs and democratizes solutions with high innovation value: tablets and smartphones, home and IoT, urban mobility and security of blockchains. With headquarters in France, offices in Europe and in Asia, ARCHOS has become a strong pan-European player. ARCHOS is quoted on Compartment C of Eurolist, Euronext Paris, ISIN Code: FR0000182479.


Press contacts ARCHOS

Bénédicte Ernoult – - +33 (0)1 69 33 16 90

Emmanuelle Bureau du Colombier – - + 33 (0)6 09 47 23 49

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Innovative Bioresearch Ltd ( is a privately held biotech company founded by research scientist Jonathan Fior, with the goal of bringing innovation to the field of HIV, cancer and regeneration research. In 2012, Jonathan Fior conceived SupT1 cell infusion therapy, a novel cell-based therapy for HIV using SupT1 cells as a “decoy target” for the HIV virus to prevent CD4+ T cell depletion as well as to render the virus less cytopathic. Using a standardized T cell line such as the SupT1 cell line should significantly reduce the treatment costs, allowing access to the therapy where access to traditional HIV therapies is restricted by economic and social limitations. In addition, Innovative Bioresearch is studying salamander regeneration as a model for developing novel regenerative and anti-cancer therapies. In 2018, Innovative Bioresearch relocated their business from Italy to the UK and entered the Crypto space launching their own cryptocurrency, the InnovativeBioresearchCoin, INNBC.



Jonathan Fior – – + 39 370 337 0489

INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH’ official Telegram groups:

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