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Download Ppjoy Joystick Driver hedjain




. (Modify for your joystick) Download Z-controller Plugins: 2 Joystick Drivers (Support for X360, PS3, Wii U and more.) The Z-controller Plugins Plugin is a small program that adds a customizable "Z-controller" for the Windows version of my Joystick-3D-Driver. First, just download and install the Z-controller Plugins (Z-controller plugins (z-controller plugin zip file. Just unzip it to a temporary folder. Download Plugin My GT360-Driver supports almost any joystick. A joystick driver needs to be adapted for each different type of joystick (for instance, a joystick that works with the (PC) emulation of a steering wheel) but it is no problem to adapt the code for any normal joystick. But what about more complex controllers? Most joysticks can simulate the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and other controllers (Steering wheel, steering axes, stick controllers,...). The driver only supports the A, B, X and Y axes, but can easily be adapted to any axis configuration or other controller. I do not have time to adapt my driver for every joystick and every controller. But I am happy to help. Please contact me if you want to use your own driver. For joysticks like the Saitek and the Z-controller (USB and Gamepads, Steering Wheel, Dashboard) the software and hardware may be quite complex and the driver may need quite a lot of time to be done. The driver is only capable to handle the state of the X and Y axis. If your joystick is a steering wheel, I am not capable to handle that. All my drivers are free for a non-commercial use. You can use my drivers for your own use (for a non-commercial use). This is just a clarification on the license of my drivers. If you want to make money with your drivers, please feel free to contact me. If you are happy with my drivers you are free to give me a donation to support my development. A donation is more than welcome, but please do not send me money without asking me first. A lot of people write me and ask me for money. A lot of my costs are because of my constantly work for improving the software and to spend much time to adapt drivers for specific controllers. A



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Download Ppjoy Joystick Driver hedjain

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