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XB36Hazard Xbox 360 Tools




You should at least give it a name. I'll refer to it as xb36 or something similar for this review. Released on November 18, 2011 for Xbox 360. Console Version: August 7, 2011. Live from the future. There’s a sense of excitement and contentment on Forza Horizon that I have rarely experienced in the history of gaming. I’ve been on the Forza team since the beginning in 1999 and have worked with the team since day one. I’ve been part of the core development team since day two. What makes Forza Horizon special is the fact that it has delivered what should be the case. For the first time, there is a massively multiplayer racing game that truly embraces a spirit of competition in the same manner that the top tier manufacturers do. It’s been stated time and again that Forza Horizon is not Forza 4. This is not a Forza 4 review. For me, this is a unique experience for me and the team at Turn 10. In 2009, Forza 4, though a great game, was ultimately a bit of a disappointment. It was too safe, too similar to the Halo games and in some ways it was too safe to be called Forza 4. As a fan, I was looking for something more. That’s not to say we didn’t learn a lot from the feedback we received. And, we certainly did. What we started on from day one has been a steady progression of content and features that we’ve been able to deliver. The team is passionate about what we do and we’re committed to delivering that passion in Forza. A game that isn’t like everything else: Forza Horizon is a game that is unlike everything else. It is not only true in what it promises but in what it delivers. There are a few games that have come out recently that have grabbed the media’s attention and have largely overshadowed Forza Horizon. These are the games that promise a variety of different things, from movie inspired driving to a war game for the driving community. The differences in these games is that the driving is the same. They feel like they need to be the same. And, they have the same features and same number of tracks that a race fan would find boring, and possibly irritating. This isn’t a race fan. I want to test drive every type of vehicle in Forza



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XB36Hazard Xbox 360 Tools

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