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Welcome to the special INNBC Token 40% discount sale reserved for ICOBuffer users

Dear Customer, if you received your coupon from ICOBuffer you are entitled to get an amazing 40% discount on 

INNBC Tokens. Normal price for 1INNBC Token is 0.0024ETH. With this limited promotion, you can buy the Tokens with a 40% discount, which means 1INNBC for 0.0017ETH. To participate in the promotion, please follow the following instructions:

Step 1. Please complete our registration module and press "register" to register with us, so that we have your information on file.  We only accept funds in ETH and BTC. If you want to pay in BTC, please also provide your BTC address, otherwise we will have no idea what is the associated ETH wallet to send the Tokens. If you want us to send the Tokens to a different ETH address than the one you will be using for sending funds, please tell us in the "Any special instructions" field.


Please also note that we are partering with the French electonic multinational electronics company ARCHOS ( for the promotion of their wonderful Safe-T hardware wallet (you can read the full text of the press release here: ) . So, just tell us in the registration module if you also wish to receive a voucher for a 20% discount on the Archos Safe-T mini hardware wallet. You will receive it by email. In addition to the voucher, if you purchase the Safe-T mini, you will also get an additional 39INNBC, which are worthed the price of the whole device!

Registration successful!

Step 2. Send funds to purchase your INNBC Tokens. We only accept payments in ETH/BTC. This is our ETH address: 0xB8EB02A17a3eB5cE4F8249553d8C17B406036AaD and this is our BTC address: 1HLMcK1MomKtkumcmzELx5eLR3qt1k4jAo. You will receive your INNBC Tokens shortly after sending funds. The ICO price for 1INNBC Token is 0.0017ETH. So with 1ETH you will get 581INNBC. You will be issued the Tokens shortly after we receive the funds. 


Step 3. To add your Tokens to Myetherwallet, select "add custom Token" and insert the following paramethers: Token Contract Address: 0x85558055812f19eB084B8bA327470e84Ad795b11, Token Symbol: INNBC, Decimals: 8. Token price is set as 0.0022ETH/0.000169BTC per INNBC Token, during the ICO. A minimum purchase of 10 INNBC Tokens, corresponding roughly to 12USD is required to participate in the promotion.

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