Innovative Bioresearch Ltd is a privately held biotech company founded by Italian research scientist Jonathan Fior, with the goal of bringing innovation to the field of HIV, cancer and regeneration research. Innovative Bioresearch Ltd is a company registered in the UK (, althought the team is mostly based in Italy

Jonathan Fior
Owner and Chief Scientific Officer
Davide Bosetti
Social Media Manager

Jonathan Fior was born in Los Angeles, USA, 1982, to Italian parents. Jonathan’s parents moved back to Italy when he was a child, and he completed his education in Italy, a country known for its excellence in the education department. He was always fascinated by science and completed a Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology in the University of Milan, Italy. He immediately started working in the field of HIV research, with the goal of bringing innovation to the field. In this regard, he conceived the idea of using irradiated SupT1 cells as a decoy target for HIV-1 to prevent CD4+ T cell depletion as well as to render the virus less cytopathic. Jonathan explored this approach in an in vitro setting in his 2012 publication, proposing SupT1 cell infusion as a possible cell-based HIV therapy. He then wanted to explore this novel therapeutic approach in an in vivo setting. Given the lack of public funding opportunities in Italy, he decided to start his own research company to support the research through private investor funding, so that his work could continue. He founded Innovative Bioresearch in 2014, and to secure further funds to support his research, from 2014 he also started working as a stock trader, with great success. He therefore conducted a pilot study exploring SupT1 cell infusion therapy for HIV in humanized mice, which was published in 2016. In 2018 the company was also registered in the UK to expand its business. Jonathan Fior believes that “it does not matter whether it’s working on a HIV cure, analyzing the stock market, or fixing cars, a great intellect must be flexible enough to handle any given task”.  Other than science, one of his biggest passions are jdm sport cars from the 90s such as Skylines and Supras, which led him to get involved in the business of importing them as well.

Davide Bosetti is a social media expert and is responsible for the social related aspects of the projects at Innovative Bioresearch.

Jatin Madhra
Business Development Advisor
Alessandro Gatti
Chief Legal Officer

CEO of BlockChainPRBuzz, Jatin Madhra is an in-depth technologist, having built various products from scratch in Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem including ICO consultancy, Cryptocurrency Exchange, CryptoCurrency market place, Crypto Algorithmic Trading Platform and a Crypto Payment Gateway, and he is on the constant voyage of building utility products which create impact in the lives of people.

Alessandro Gatti is a legal expert and he ensures that everything we do is in accordance with the law.

Deepak Yadav
Marketing Advisor
Raghav Sawhney
Strategy Advisor

PR Strategic Advisor at Blockchainprbuzz, experienced marketer with a history of working in the marketing and advertising industry of ICO's. Skilled in Management, Growth Hacking, Business Development, Marketing, and blockchain knowledge. One of his strongest qualities is that he always puts myself in the client's shoes. Every project has its own target audience with their needs, expectations, taste, etc. When starting a project, he always takes his time to carefully plan, research and experiment, before kicking off with the final strategies to work.

CMO at BlockChainPRBuzz and where he have worked with around 55 ICO's, consulted them and holds the position of Marketing Advisor in several of these projects. Every customer should be provide with autonomy of valuable choice and I try to ensure value for all my clients. With the experience of working with many clients, he aspire to change the ideology that exists towards sales. A person with entrepreneurial skill set, he is looking forward to evolve various business processes.


For research projects, Jonathan Fior works as PI (principal investigator), conceiving the experiments and writing the experiment protocol. The work is then commissioned to a Contract Research Organization (CRO), which physically performs the experiments. Jonathan Fior then supervises all aspects related to the research communicating closely with the CRO. Once the experiments are completed, he analyzes the results and writes a scientific paper, which is published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. This means that although our team is not a large team, we actually have companies with 100+ people working for us. This way we can keep a small, yet strong and great, team. We only publish on open access scientific journals as we believe in free information and don’t want our data being hidden behind a paywall. For our cryptocurrency, we are also working with some very high profile personalities of the blockchain industry as advisors.

To maximise results  and reducing costs, we perform our highly specialized research by partnering with state-of-the-art CROs and Institutions. Some CROs we hired in the past are listed below


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