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"INNBC is the token issued by Innovative Bioresearch to bring disruptive innovation in pharma with DeSci and Web3"



"INNBC DApp is the first biomedical DApp allowing to store scientific data on the blockchain, providing a true decentralized storage solution"


"INNBC Swap Dex is our decentralized exchange allowing you to swap INNBC and all Ethereum assets, integrating Uniswap V3 liquidity pools"


"INNBC CEO Jonathan Fior has been interviewed several times, explaining in great detail what INNBC is and how we are decentralizing biomedical research with Web3 and DeSci"



"Yes, INNBC is the first real DeSci project producing actual scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals indexed on Pubmed"


"Yes, you can be introduced to the basics of INNBC DeSci project ecosystem in the whitepaper"


"We have a lot of products in development as we keep expanding the project utility and ecosystem"


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Innovative Bioresearch Ltd. is a biotech company dedicated to applying blockchain technology to scientific research. The INNBC token and associated decentralized applications (DApps) are revolutionizing the field of scientific research. The INNBC token supports drug development and scientific research through its unique DeSci model while providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges. The company's scientific research findings have been peer-reviewed and published in prestigious scientific journals indexed on PubMed, making INNBC the first crypto project to produce actual scientific publications

Core Technologies

        • DeSci Model: The DeSci (Decentralized Science) model is an innovative approach to applying blockchain technology to scientific research. This model supports drug development and scientific research by allocating a portion of the INNBC token supply. It ensures that all scientific research findings undergo peer-review and are indexed on PubMed, establishing genuine scientific credibility. Peer-review evaluates a study's validity, importance, and originality in order to serve as a filter and guarantee that only high-caliber research is published, especially in reputable journals. The scientific community will only accept as valid those results that have undergone peer-review and have been published in academic scientific journals

    • INNBC Token: The INNBC token is a blockchain-based utility token representing scientific contributions. It serves as the primary means of payment for pharmaceutical products and services provided by Innovative Bioresearch Ltd., as well as the foundation for supporting scientific research projects

    • INNBC Scientific DAO: INNBC holders are automatically part of a DAO for biomedical research projects, where users can use INNBC as a governance token for voting the most promising research projects to be supported by simply sending INNBC to the official wallet of the corresponding research scientists

    • Decentralized Applications (DApps): Through the INNBC Biomedical DApp, the company has achieved decentralized storage and sharing of scientific data. The DApp provides features such as identity, timestamping, content, and immutability (ITCI), which are useful for scientific research and have wide-ranging applications in other industries

    • INNBC Decentralized Exchange: INNBC Swap Dex is a decentralized exchange that allows users to directly exchange INNBC and other ERC20 tokens from their personal wallets without the need for website registration. The core technology of this exchange is smart contracts, ensuring that users always maintain control of their funds

    • INNBC Blockchain: Innovative Bioresearch Ltd. is working on building its own blockchain, the INNBC Smart Chain. This modern Proof-of-Stake (POS) biomedical chain will feature a larger block size to better store biomedical data and will integrate the current decentralized governance (DAO) to support the development of biomedical research projects

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Token name: InnovativeBioresearchCoin 
Symbol: INNBC
Type: ERC20 Token
Token adress: 0xB67718b98d52318240c52E71A898335da4A28c42
Decimals: 6
Block Explorer:


One of the goals of the project is to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology into science. This involves first developing tools such as decentralized applications (DApps), which provide utility and real-world use cases in biomedical research. When we started our study and research on which areas of scientific research could provide a suitable application for blockchain technology, we concluded that decentralization of scientific data is a very useful area, especially in terms of permanently recording and sharing the data using a blockchain. In fact, there are several specific features of blockchain technology that are very well suited for such a purpose:

​•Immutability. Scientific data need to be immutable. Once a study is peer reviewed and published, its data must be permanently stored and never altered. In the blockchain, all data is stored in every single node, never ceasing to exist and always staying on the blockchain. It is immutability that gives the blockchain its openness and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance)

•Decentralization. The blockchain is designed to be distributed and synchronized across networks, making data freely available to anyone. We believe that scientific data should be shared and not hidden behind a firewall

•Security. The kinds of transactions that can be performed are strictly defined in advance and stored in the blockchain as "smart contracts."  This prevents fraudulent data from being added to the blockchain, thus ensuring the integrity of the database. By contrast, it would be much easier to compromise a centralized database

•Proof of Authorship and identity. Say you make an important discovery and want undeniable proof that you are the author. If you want to defend your work and claim in court to be the author, you must be able to prove it. This evidence can be difficult to provide. However, if you record the data on a blockchain, including a detailed description of your work and authorship information, the timestamp can prove that the data was generated at a certain point in time and have not been changed since. Such data recorded on the blockchain can legally represent an unambiguous reference to the author. A specific wallet can also be linked to the author and his institution, providing the author with a "digital identity," so that only the transactions associated with that specific wallet would be considered legit data belonging to the author and his institution

We developed the INNBC DApp to be a very practical and straightforward tool for research scientists, accessible with no coding knowledge, featuring a simple, clean, and intuitive front-end UI (user interface) where users just need to paste their data as text in the input field and press a button to store the data on chain

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The DApp is live and accessible at

One of the most important features of the DApp is that all data is stored 100% on chain. We developed the first true on chain decentralized storage Dapp for biomedical research, which can also be used for general purpose data (such as text, images, audio, and video), providing you with Identity, Timestamping, Content, and Immutability (ITCI) for your business. What this means is that our Dapp has a wide range of applications in many different fields in addition to science. Below are just a few examples:

• Application for Commercial Activities. Timestamping will allow you to record any relevant events for your business. Say, for instance, that you sold a product to a customer. You can record the event on the blockchain and include the tx as a QR code on the product itself as a proof of product authenticity and to keep track of the item

• Applications for the Entertainment, Art, and Software Development industries. Identity and Timestamping will protect the intellectual property of your work, providing you with proof of authorship. This is important for a large number of fields. For instance, it would work perfectly well for NFTs where you could store your digital images on chain adding author information, instead of being stored on a centralized server as it currently happens. You could store a lower-resolution version of the image, or you could store it in different chunks in the case of very large images

• Application for Decentralized Messaging, News Releases, and Social Networking. Decentralization and Immutability provide a censorship resistant environment for posting content, unlike traditional centralized platforms that can be controlled by the issuer (e.g., Twitter, Facebook), limiting your access to the platform, whereas this control does not exist on a decentralized platform. We built this application on Binance Smart Chain initially due to lower gas fees, and we plan to launch an Ethereum version as well once ETH 2.0 is released

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INNBC Swap Dex is our DApp allowing users to exchange INNBC and all their favorite ERC20 tokens with the best available liquidity. What is a decentralized exchange? A dex is a trustless platform where users interact with a smart contract allowing to swap tokens directly from their personal wallets (e.g., Trust Wallet, Metamask), without the need to register on a website, and most importantly, always having total control of your own funds, as you own the private keys. We decided to develop our own dex, releasing INNBC Swap DEX, to provide INNBC users with a decentralized, trustless, easy-to-use platform where they can exchange INNBC

The INNBC Swap dex DApp is accessible at


INNBC Swap Dex features Uniswap V3 liquidity pool features like adding liquidity at specific price ranges, allowing users to avoid being run over by trades as LPs will stay within specific price ranges and will not be dispersed among the whole range from 0 to infinity


This is an incredibly cool feature that brings the concept of traditional sell orders on centralized exchanges to the world of decentralized exchanges 

We also released a tutorial on how to use the DEX and add liquidity


This DApp was created because we want our users to experience maximum freedom in a trustless and permissionless environment with an in-house platform where you can confidently swap INNBC, taking advantage of all the wonderful decentralized features of DeFi (decentralized finance), aiming to become central to the INNBC ecosystem


All our research studies are peer reviewed and available on pubmed, making INNBC the first crypto project to produce actual scientific publications

Fior J. INNBC DApp, a decentralized application to permanently store biomedical data on a modern, proof-of-stake (POS), blockchain such as BNB Smart Chain. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 2024;24(1):109.

Fior J. SupT1 Cell Infusion as a Possible Cell-Based Therapy for HIV: Results from a Pilot Study in HuPBMC BRGS Mice. Vaccines. 2016;4(2):13.

Fior J. Salamander regeneration as a model for developing novel regenerative and anticancer therapies. J Cancer. 2014;5(8):715-9.

Fior J. Is a pacific coexistence between virus and host the unexploited path that may lead to an HIV functional cure? Viruses. 2013;5(2):753-7.

Fior, J. An initial in vitro investigation into the potential therapeutic use of SupT1 cells to prevent AIDS in HIV-seropositive individuals. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(5):e37511.

As we produce more studies, we will keep updating this list

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The next phase of the INNBC project is to establish its own blockchain, a modern Proof-of-Stake (POS) biomedical chain, with a larger block size for better storage of biomedical data. The INNBC chain will be the first blockchain designed for biomedical research and implement decentralized governance (DAO) to support the development of biomedical research projects. INNBC will serve as the foundational currency of the chain, with fees paid in INNBC, used for staking to run validator nodes, and providing voting power in the DAO

INNBC Partnerships

We launched a series of "side" products where INNBC will be supporting the production of real life products starting from high quality content on Youtube by partner channel "Sponsored by INNBC", producing series such as "SKYLINE GARAGE",  an Italian series sponsored by INNBC in cooperation with big automotive brands that is advertising the token toward a mainstream audience of car enthusiasts

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