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#InnovativeBioresearchSwap first Listing Event; #FREE Coin, Listing and Project Overview.

As previously announced, one of our new activities after the launch of #InnovativeBioresearchSwap will be a series of listing events dedicated to support and spread awareness about all the great projects on #BinanceSmartChain. We noticed that many top AMM projects are very aggressive toward other projects often negating listing and support, maybe because they feel them as competition, but here at Innovative Bioresearch we believe in cooperation and that we can all work together to build a stronger binance smart chain, and we want to offer a very friendly place for #BSC projects build and grow. In these events we will list projects but also try to offer you with an overview so you can also have a better understanding about the projects.

Let's start our listing event series with a project that has one of the most amazing communties; FREE coin!

First, a bit of a background story.

Every time we looked at FREE coin project it was always with great admiration as they really worked as hard as possible to build a large and healthy community. I, as the CEO of INNBC, often found myself talking with FREE coin CEO Ben Bervoets (yes, not an anonymous “Chef” but an actual person with a real name, so refreshing in those times of anonymous projects) discussing about exchanges, listing, and all the possible strategies to make a projects grow in this very challenging field.

Even if he was working for a competitive project, he always was kind and helpful, and never afraid to share his views and option about vital aspects such as which exchanges could be good for listing, which have real liquidity or fake volume, offering his advice for helping not wasting precious funds for stuff that isn't gonna help your project or worse, scamming the project and your users. Given that FREE coin has been listed in an impressive number of exchanges, his input was surely very knowledgeable and appreciated.

Then we came to the time when BinanceSmartChain was first released, and #INNBC has been one of the first projects to expand to the chain, as we really believed in its amazing potential. Right after we issued INNBC on #BinanceSmartChain, Ben reached us asking for information about the new chain, and I was very glad to offer my advice about the fact that I truly believed BinanceSmartChain was gonna rock and was the real ETH 2.0!

So there we are today, with FREE coin that is also part of the #BSC family, so let's take a deeper look at its main features.

1)FREE coin is meant to be an accessible low price introduction coin, retaining a great potential for price growth. By starting with a very low initial price, and gradually expanding its userbase by listing in more markets and supporting different blockchains, user would experience growth for their holdings. To achieve this goal, the supply has been set as 10Trillion tokens, of which 8,7 are circulating. The team has been constantly working and investing adding new exchanges all the time. Recently the coin experienced a noticeable price growth and its marketcap increased significantly reaching a very respectable 4million$ marketcap.

2)FREE Coin is the token with the greatest number of wallets on BinanceSmartChain, around 215k wallets at the time of writing. Its greatest strength is therefore its community.

4)FREE coin has been integrated in a number of wallets and crypto payment gateways such as SWFT pay, SWFT pro, SHIFTLY, Atomic Wallet, and even vending machines distributed by IVENDY pay in Asia and Russia.

5)The FREE coin team is not anonymous and is composed by CEO Ben Bervoets, Marketing director Alexander Apuntar, and Lead Advisor\Social Media Director Rumana Rumo. Bios are available on the official website ( We welcome projects with no anonymous team as they contribute to make this industry more transparent thus increasing its credibility.

We are very glad to announce that FREE Coin has been listed on #InnovativeBioresearchSwap where you can find the best liquidity to trade all your assets on #BinanceSmartChain.

FREE coin users are encouraged to use #InnovativeBioresearchSwap Dapp as their new home for trading FREE coin on #BinanceSmartChain.


InnovativeBioresearch Team.

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