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STARBIT INTERNATIONAL and INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH are Proud to Announce a New Strategic Partnership!

Dubai / London – Thursday, November 22th 2018 – Innovative Bioresearch - A new approach to science with the goal of IMPROVING HUMAN LIFE - is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with WalkyFit, the innovative win-win results-driven Functional App.

Innovative Bioresearch Ltd is a privately held biotech company founded by research scientist Jonathan Fior, with the goal of bringing innovation to the field of HIV, cancer and regeneration research. Innovative Bioresearch launched the INNBC coin for funding their novel AIDS cure research and developing a decentralized database for clinical data, with a token spendable to access products/services from their company and selected commercial partners.

WalkyFit - The Innovative Functional Fitness App - is a gaming solution used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the first App to be considered a "token utility dispenser" with a brilliant functional concept: a patent-pending technology, transforming movements into tokens with the goal of spreading the knowledge of Blockchain best project, has never been so easy and fun!

Both WalkyFit users and Innovative Bioresearch community will experience different benefits about the synergy of the new partnership:

Both have a strategic impact with their extremely effective and unique technologies; - Both have a huge social impact of utility pushing the growth of communities supporting projects and providing an easy knowledge of Blockchain; - Both have the goal of increasing the number of active users in their communities. - BOTH HAVE THE VISION TO BRING BLOCKCHAIN TO A NEW PATH AND EXTEND THE USE OF ITS APPLICATIONS AND SCIENTIFIC BENEFITS REACHING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

WalkyFit users will help to fuel the Innovative Bioresearch project and their popularity.

WalkyFit patented token app dispenser distributes different tokens according to the user physical activity (walking, sports) and using an augmented reality game - “coins rain” - creates rains of tokens where users are located.

Free users can try the service but Premium users set the key difference.

Premium users are not just bounty hunters: they are new passionate kind of lovers of the market and pay for a service that drives behaviors and make them learn new concepts - both theoretical and practical - about the usefulness of the blockchain and related services.

These are small professionals and entrepreneurs who love, trade and use useful utility tokens for useful projects.

Thanks to the game users discover a new market and get passionate about new projects, exchanging, using and buying the new tokens that are allocated.

With actually over 60.000 free users and over 7.000 active Premium (paying) users in the world, the partnership seems to be a great incentive to make the world know more about Innovative Bioresearch project and token economics.

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