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INNBC enters politics as team founders launch "Italia Blockchain Revolution" political party

The INNBC team have been one of the most innovative, productive, active and visionary players in the #crypto industry. Innovative Bioresearch CEO, Dr. Jonathan Fior, a research scientist specialized in #HIV and #cancer research (chech his groundbreaking HIV study) was the first to bring biomedical research on #crypto with #INNBC biotech token. We believe that this is exactly what the blockchain needs to gain credibility and traction among mainstream, real world use cases such as addressing urgent global health issues such as #HIV, #cancer and #COVID.

Now, we are taking a step further and doing something that is as much as unprecedented for #crypto, we are entering politics! Yes, #INNBC team is launching their own political party, "Italia Blockchain Revolution", which as the name suggets, will be the first to bring blockchain into politics, and in turn to bring politics into the blockchain!

Have we already said that this is unprecedented?

The initiative was made in the light of the current economical crysis caused by the #COVID pandemics, with repeated lockdowns that forced many commercial activities here in Italy to close forever, the inadequate support of the government, and the fact we see blockchain technology as an answer to reborn the Italian economy as one of the strongest economies. However, for such a revolution to start, we cannot just suggest our government to adopt #crypto, the only way to really introduce such a change in the system is to get our hands dirty by entering politics and start changing it from the inside. Our political program is based on some specific points:

  1. First and most vital point, the introduction of a statally issued cryptocurrency that will free us from the dependency from the European Central back, which basically prints and provides us EUR in exchange for sovereign bonds, causing a progressive increase in public debt, which will at some point become unsustainable leading to a possible default. With the capacity to provide liquidity without generating new debt provided by a statally issued cryptocurrency, will also be able to dramatically reduce the fiscal pressure, with a consequent dramatic stimulus on the economy.

  2. Complete digitalization and implementation of blockchain technology for many aspects of the public administration (e.g., healthcare, justice, welfare).

  3. Creation of a new institution that, similarly to the US NIH, will provide grants and support for scientific research and will also be the major European tech hub for the development of blockchain technology.

  4. Introduction of very friendly but clean and clear regulations for crypto in order to provide a healthy environment for the development of crypto start ups.

  5. Attracting foreign capitals, investors and entrepreneurs due to the change toward a very low fiscal pressure.

The full detailed political program can be found on the dedicated page on our website, however the full text is in Italian language due to its local target.

What this mean for #INNBC? This makes #INNBC project much more intriguing, as we plan to introduce a number of additional utilities for #INNBC such as using it for party affiliation, and rights for voting internal decisions and candidates. We will bring the concept of "governance" token to a whole new level!

Have we already said that this is unprecedented?

Please stay tuned for updates because our devs are also hard at work for our upcoming first Dapp on #BinanceSmartChain. But this is something that will be detailed on a next blog post.


Innovative Bioresearch team.

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13 de nov. de 2020

Price INNBC-INNBCL BIG DOWN....BIG DOWN !!!...WHY???????....🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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